Whole Body Vibration

Experience all the benefits of whole body vibration at Precision Spinal Care in Las Vegas, NV. We offer the latest in toning, healing, and health-promoting technologies, including WBV in the Vegas Valley. Learn more about how this exciting, easy-to-use treatment can enhance your quality of life.


What Is Whole Body Vibration?

WBV or whole body vibration therapy targets your neuromuscular system. Even if you have a limited ability to work out traditionally, you may benefit from whole body vibration.


Working Those Muscles Without All The…Work

As the WBV machine vibrates, it transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second. These rhythmic muscle contractions work your body with very little effort on your part.


Benefits Of Whole Body Vibration Therapy

WBV muscle stimulation can potentially boost your metabolism and therefore increase your overall fat burning capacity wellbeing. Levels of cellulite busting HGH can also increase along with mood-boosting serotonin while the stress hormone, cortisol, is decreased, helping you feel relaxed.

Repetitive muscle contractions increase blood flow and promote lymph drainage. So, cells get the oxygen they need to perform optimally, and your body is more easily able to release disease-causing elements. The result is an overall healthier you. Who wouldn’t like to look and feel better?

Chronic problems like back pain can decrease, and your overall core stability and balance can increase.

There are so many reasons fans of whole body vibration continue to use and recommend this therapy.


Professional WBV Treatments For Maximum Benefit

Want to make sure you are getting the most out of your sessions? Research shows that whole body vibration can reduce back pain, improve balance, and even reduce bone loss when performed correctly and under medical supervision. So, it’s essential to rely on a professional medical provider when seeking out quality, effective WBV therapy. That’s where we come in.


What Is A Session Like?

Vibration frequency, amplitude, and magnitude of oscillation can be customized to meet your unique needs for a truly personalized treatment experience.


Find Out More About WBV In Las Vegas

Contact us at Precision Spinal Care in Las Vegas, NV. We look forward to finding out more about your health and wellness goals and helping you achieve your best physical self through cutting edge technologies and personalized therapies.

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