Find fast pain relief, better posture, and improvements in your range of motion with personalizes ATM2 treatments from Precision Spinal Care in Las Vegas, NV. Pain and stiffness can affect so many aspects of your daily life. Why suffer when cutting-edge therapies are just minutes away. Learn a little more about ATM2 and how our professional care, combined with this system, can open a whole new world of comfort and ability for you.


What Is ATM?

ATM stands for Active Therapeutic Movement. You may have also heard of Active Rehabilitation Movement. Just thinking about exercising or moving the parts of your body that are limiting you can sound intimidating. That’s where our professional experience and the ATM2 device come in.

The ATM2 helps our medical professionals find a completely personalized, stable, pain-free position for you. We can then guide you through specialized neuromuscular training movements that reduce your pain and increase range of motion right where you are experiencing problems.

We essentially re-train your muscles to perform in new, pain-free ways. The ATM2 is a professional system that activates and works these muscles in ways no other treatment device can.


What Is An Appointment Like?

The AMT2 is an upright device similar to an examination table. Sets of straps are placed strategically in the best places to support you securely as you stand in the device. Once we have you secure and positioned in a way that is just right for you, we will guide you gently through movements customized and targeted to your specific goals.

Benefits Of Active Therapeutic Movement


Can ATM Help You?

During your free consultation, we will go over your existing conditions and desired treatment goals. We can then determine whether ATM2 is a therapy that will most likely improve your existing condition. Many common, painful conditions can be improved or completely relieved through this system of treatments.


Why suffer a minute longer from acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain or limiting movement disorders? Painful and limiting conditions like fibromyalgia, muscular sclerosis, scoliosis, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, joint disorders, disc disorders, muscle spasms, and other muscle restrictions may be improved or relieved through correctly applied ATM2 treatments.


Fast, Lasting Results

We want to help you live a normal, quality life again. Although ATM2 treatments may sound simple, many of our patients walk out of their first sessions experiencing significant pain relief and increased range of motion. We can show you how not only to get but keep these results.


ATM2 Treatments In Las Vegas

Whether you’re an injured athlete wanting to get back in the game or just tired of not being able to move in everyday ways without pain, we invite you to find out how we can help. Contact us at Precision Spinal Care in Las Vegas, NV, today to schedule your Free consultation appointment.

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