Work your core in ways you never thought possible with the innovative, effective, easy-to-use AllCore360° at Precision Spinal Care in Las Vegas, NV. We make state-of-the-art, precision rehabilitation and strengthening technologies accessible to you, our patients throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Find out more about how AllCore360° sessions can benefit you.


Your Core – The Central Source Of Your Power

You’ve probably heard time and time again how important it is to work your “core.” Most of the time, this brings to mind ab workouts like crunches or exercise routines involving trendy moves like planks.

Your core actually includes all the muscles aside from your arms and legs. Strengthening this area improves your overall stability, tone, and performance, affecting almost every movement you make.


Core & Cardio Without The Elliptical?

So, now that you know how important your core muscles are, how do you work them efficiently to get the maximum benefit? You may feel limited by time, your range of motion, your age, or the general inaccessibility of regular gym equipment. This doesn’t have to be the case. You now have options with the AllCore360°.

Knee, back, and sports injuries can make working out virtually impossible in a traditional gym or on home workout equipment like a treadmill or elliptical. Many recommended core workouts just aren’t for everyone or don’t get you the results you want, no matter how hard you train.

Trade low-impact for NO IMPACT. Skip difficult, painful exercises and crowded gyms. Finally, find a targeted core workout that anyone can do and everyone has time for.

The Many Benefits Of The AllCore360°



Easy, Effective & Empowering

Typically, your AllCore360° workout will consist of just three 10 minute sessions per week. You can wear street clothes or workout clothes, whatever is most comfortable for you. You will sit in the training device and be comfortably strapped in. Within moments 50 core muscles will be challenged at varying angles in a patented 360° process.


Who Is This Treatment For?

In short, the AllCore360° is for everyone and anyone who wants to look and feel better. Get a trimmer waist and tighter abs. Recover from sports training in a faster, pain-free way. Improve your overall balance and strength.

We can easily adjust the level of difficulty to personalize your experience. Your session is totally customizable to your unique rehabilitation needs, pain level, and overall goals. We also track and measure your results.

If you can sit, you can benefit from AllCore360° training.


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