Treatment Options
Why is Precision Spinal Care America’s choice for spinal restoration?
A Safe and Effective Non-Surgical, Drug-Free Spinal Decompression three step protocol.

Precision Spinal Care has the only treatment option that directly targets the specific damaged and degenerated spinal discs.

State of the art, 21st Century non-surgical and drug-free, precise treatment helps relieve back pain and neck pain, while also working to heal the discs and make them healthy again. Precision Spinal Care’s treatment protocol offers the potential for long-term relief from back pain and neck pain.

Our approach is safe and effective without the normal risks associated with invasive procedures such as drugs, injections, anesthesia or spinal surgery.

“Precision Spinal Care’s treatment protocol offers the potential for long-term relief from back pain and neck pain.”


Other Treatment Options
Pain Management With Drugs, Surgery, Spinal Decompression

Pain Management With Drugs

There are several problems with this type of pain management. Drugs only mask the pain but don’t help with the underlying problem. So, relying on drugs to mask the pain is only a short-term temporary solution.

Pain Management With Surgery

Surgery is not only expensive, it can also be very risky. There is also no guarantee that surgery will have any immediate or lasting effect in relieving the cause of the pain. Surgery can also come with a lengthy recovery period.

Where surgery does not address the pain problem, patients may be back to square one with pain management through prescription drugs. Prescription drugs can be addicting and potentially cause other unwanted health issues via side effects.

Even with successful surgery, most surgeons will tell you that a second surgery will be needed within 10 years because of the stress put on the neighboring spinal joints.

Pain Management With non-specific Spinal Decompression

Some Physical Therapy and Chiropractic facilities do offer a rudimentary type of spinal decompression. However, current spinal decompression provided at these offices are only a secondary option at best.

The most common type of spinal decompression treatments uses a harness and cable to pull the spine.

This type of treatment isn’t precise and isn’t as effective at targeting the damaged disc. Depending on the person using the equipment, the belts and cables, this type of decompression can be hit or miss.


80% of the U.S. Population Experiences Back Pain!

An estimated 80% of the U.S. population has some sort of back pain during their lifetime.

Of those with severe or chronic back pain and/or neck pain, the majority will have a bulging or herniated disc that can be directly associated with that pain.

Until now, all other types of treatment were either too risky, too expensive or had a low success rate in providing any relief.

These other treatments include:

Back Surgery – Expensive, risky surgery with a relatively low success rate. This is usually a last resort to relieve severe back pain.

Injections – Only provide temporary relief without fixing the underlying problem. There is also an increased chance of infections and nerve damage.

Medical Pain Management – This can be expensive; the treatment only masks the pain without trying to correct the problem. The pain medications can potentially be addictive and also less effective over time.

Physical Therapy – While it strengthens muscles, it does not correct the problem.

Chiropractic – Is very good at getting the spinal joints moving, however, once a disc has been damaged, chiropractic adjustments may only provide temporary relief.

Inversion Table – While this can provide temporary relief, it does not directly address the problem. This is not a treatment recommended for anyone with glaucoma or hypertension as it increases the patient’s blood pressure.


At Precision Spinal Care our focus is on the treatment of herniated and bulging discs. We use the most advanced, 21st century equipment to specifically target the problem area.

Precision Spinal Care is America's choice for non-invasive spinal restoration.
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