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Jeff W.

I am healed! Thank you, Dr. Holt, you and your amazing tilting machine. I suffered from a bulging disc which had protruded down my spine; literally a sack of spinal fluid which forced its way down my spine like some grotesque clown nose. The pain was severe, resulting in an emergency ward visit, drugs and physical therapy. That’s when Dr. Larry Holt introduced me to his zero-gravity spinal decompression machine. Truly a spine saver. Going two to three times per week for an entire series of treatments did the trick. The bulge has retreated back into the spine and I was able to resume a normal life, free of pain or restrictions or worries of any kind. If you are suffering from any kind of spine distress and are even contemplating surgery, I would urge you to try this effective, painless and relaxing treatment first at Precision Spinal Care. Thank you again Dr. Larry.

Five star service provided by Dr. Holt and staff. For many years I suffered major spinal and back pain. I chased medical doctors, chiropractors, therapy, spinal injections, pain management and surgeons, none of which gave pain relief. Thinking I was again chasing a pain free dream I contacted Precision Spinal Care in June 2019. Dr. Holt’s unique treatment plan which includes spinal decompression along with other non invasive, drug free procedures, have given me pain relief I thought I would never get – I have my life back and am engaged in an active life style. I would highly recommend participating in a free consult with Dr. Holt – I am glad I did.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr Larry Holt and Precision Spinal Care. I have suffered for years with neck and middle back pain. Diagnosed with spinal stenosis, spondylosis, scoliosis and degenerative discs I’ve tried many different pain management treatments from medications, injections and radiofrequency. Nothing has worked as quickly and as effectively as Dr Holts combination of Spinal Decompression and PEMF treatments. I haven’t had this much pain relief in years!!

Dr. Holt is a kind and compassionate chiropractor who really knows his way around bones, muscles and pain! I highly recommend him to anyone suffering. Willing to take on difficult cases. If you’re in need of help…look no further. Thank you Dr. Holt!

After years of pain in both legs it is GONE!!! I have bulges in L4 & L5, so burning pain with any standing or walking. The process Dr. Larry Holt has really, really works. I’m 3 weeks into the process and I’m amazed! Never believed I would be without this pain. Highly recommend Precision Spinal Care!

I’ve suffered tremendously over the years with various back injuries due to Military service and an active lifestyle. I had been searching for the right treatment for years until finding Precision Spinal Care and Doctor Holt. With over 20 years experience, I felt safe in the care and ability of Doctor Holt. With top of the line advanced equipment and a staff that actually cared for me, I can finally say there is hope for managing pain and eventually continuing an active lifestyle.

I was involved in a car accident, and was in severe pain in my lower back and neck. Thanks to the treatment I received here, now I can say that I’m free of any pain.

Seriously the best experience I’ve had with a doctor ever.

They took fantastic care of me! I would highly recommend Precision Spinal Care!

Dr. Holt is amazing. ! He’s been adjusting my back for 6 years now and I don’t think it could trust anyone more!

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9079 W Post Road, Suite 100
Las Vegas 89148

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