After my back injury I had few options. The specialist I was sent to said, my injury was not bad enough for surgery. The physical therapy I had done for months prior to seeing the specialist had helped, at first, but the symptoms returned and even worsened. The doctor offered spinal injections, which worked for about a week, then the symptoms returned.  I did not want pain medication. Though, the constant pain during the day and night was taking its toll. The lack of sleep and failing hope after nearly a year had me concerned about how I was going to live the rest of my life like that.

I started doing my own research, and I came across a study using spinal decompression to help back pain. The research paper basically said it was a viable non-surgical option to decrease back pain. After reading the research paper I started looking for places in Las Vegas that did spinal decompression. I was lucky to find Dr. Larry Holt and his amazing staff. They performed the spinal decompression on me about a year ago. So far, the pain has not returned like it was prior to the spinal decompression. I will not say I am pain free, but I do have pain free days and nights. Now simple stretches and stretching exercises keep my back pain to a minimum, where before they caused more pain. I fully recommend Dr. Larry Holt and the staff at Precision Spinal Care.

– Charles Williams



I have just started my back therapy with Dr Holt and the wonderful staff at Precision Spinal Care .After over 10 years of living with back pain and see one bad doctor after another I had pretty much given up all hope of ever living pain free and getting back my active lifestyle I so loved . After just the very first visit with Precision Spinal Care my pain was gone I could finally stand up straight and walk normal for the first time in 10 years . I cannot begin to express to you the peace of mind and happiness this has given me . After every treatment that I have had I feel stronger and clearly notice the difference it has made on the quality of my life . I can whole heartily recommend this therapy to anyone who has suffered as I have . Thank you, Dr Holt and Wonderful staff.

– Diane Goodarzi



I am a guy that is always on the go, whether it’s working, Lifting, socializing with friends & family, or helping others in need. I’ve played Football my whole life, Participated in Lifting sports such as Powerlifting and Cross fit. With the many years of wear and tear I’ve put on my body, my body finally responded back and gave up on me.

About 2 years ago I was preparing myself for my first Powerlifting competition when suddenly one day I Ruptured my Pec major. While the ongoing months of recovery after surgery my body started to lose all physical strength and gains I have achieved during my training. I finally was cleared and went back into training when after just one training session, I felt something wrong in my back. Over the course of several months I had thought I was suffering pain in my Piriformis Muscle located at my left hip/Buttocks. Did everything anyone would, Ice, Heat, Stretched, Massage, Acupuncture, Alignment, Chiropractic therapy, Physical Therapy, Over the counter medication. Then it continued to get worse, pain radiated down to my hamstring, to my knee, Calf, and then finally to my toes. I could not walk more than 5 feet, I was sleeping on the floor and if I was lucky maybe for 2 hours a night, needed assistance to shower and get dressed daily, couldn’t drive nor sit anywhere. I had to carry a seat cushion just to get a little comfort. I cried almost every day, felt worthless, I am 30 years old and felt like I was incapable of living.

“My life was absolutely miserable, Worst pain in my life to just do basic life tasks.”

I met with my employer’s doctor and had an MRI and learned surgery was inevitable. After meeting with a surgeon and learning about the necessary procedure and long recovery time, I looked for a second opinion. As luck would have it, I researched and researched and found a new solution that would change my life forever. I met with Dr. Holt and his amazing staff at Precision Spinal Care in Las Vegas. He was very informative on what I was going through and without hesitation knew what needed to be done. I accepted and started treatment that very day! Just “2 WEEKS” I was walking without needing to stop and rest, jumping in and out of my truck, finally able to have a full nights rest, getting dressed on my own.

With my treatment plan I was on, Dr. Holt Gave me the greatest gift, and that was he gave me my life back! Literally my Back! And of course, he couldn’t of have done it without the support of his amazing staff!!!! It is a miracle, I did not have to get surgery, nor take any pain medication, nothing. I am 100% back to normal if not healthier than I was my first day walking through Precision Spinal Cares doors.

I am pain free!! I am back to the gym full time! Back to work! And happier than ever to start living again!

Thank you, Dr. Holt. I am Forever grateful. I could never truly express the impact you made on me, my family, and my life.

– Justin Vazquez



I recently started seeing Dr. Holt to address severe bulges in my L4 and L5 discs. The damage was extensive leaving me in significant pain and limited ability to stand or walk. Since starting the program of de-compression therapy, the pain has all-but disappeared and my ability to stand and walk significantly improved. The office is well run with patient, helpful and caring staff. I enjoy the family environment and highly recommend Precision Spinal Care for anyone that is suffering from back-related pain.

– Sean Severn

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